To my dearest Sheena Sister

I'm sorry for making this public, if you mind my love to you being read out by everyone.
But i really cannot help it!
Because im so happy i feel i can cry (and you know i dont cry often haha!)

Finally, CONGRATS for finding a really great awesome guy.
This time i'm really happy for you, because it seems like you've never been happier while being attached to other guys.
Remember there was a time when we depended on each other for love haha!

(Chicken, this picture is really ugly HAHA!)
Ok la, actually there was no such time, you were always attached. It was only me, always single. I always depended on you when im feeling down, emo level 3000. You tried your best to pull me out of that single status too, by offering to play volleyball with me every friday so i can attract someone's attention. You've been through everything with me, even including my 2.4km, where you literally push me to run.

Now i promise you i will keep myself forever young and pretty so i can be your number.1 bridesmaid.
and maybe i will learn how to create videos, plan weddings, change diapers, communicate with kids so i can be with you on your every journey. Then qing ge will hate me cause im always the lightbulb hahaha! but then, i will try to make him happy by buying tiger prawns so we can compete in eating again.

The song, "lucky" by jason mraz and colbie calliet is truly dedicated to you two. Friends since primary school, lovers during secondary school, reunited again now, finally, i hope forever.

see now, you wasted 30 minutes of my precious studying time. haha just kidding sister, for you, i will do anything, except kissing you and all those physical stuffs. HAHA :P

p.s. mayo dont be jealous. i will do the same post when you get attached to the starhub guy/mr november/mr tang or any random guy on the street.

One thing left to do

I aim to learn to play this song by the next 5 months (trying to be realistic here) haha!
First things first though : get a guitar
To my sister from Perth, when is the white guitar getting shipped over? haha

One pair of candy lips

What a cold morning :) It feels good to wake up early in the morning, go down for a walk and enjoy the breeze.
Looking at those busy working people running after buses and there i am, strolling with time on my hand.
Who am i kidding, after this blog post i am probably going back to sleep haha!

Am going to take a break from the school library today and study at home :)
You know how people always say theres soooo many things to do after exams, when in fact there's none?
This time, im serious, i really have wayyy too many things to do after exams.
I am going to learn how to make sushi (hopefully!), bake, play tennis again, maybe tabletennis too.
Have the best heartwarming christmas party ever with my loved ones.
anticipate the welcoming back of my sister, after almost 2 years from Perth
Move into my new room, get furniture, paint ourselves silly :)
And hopefully spend more time with kaiyin when monkey is away. Dunno if the other people from hall will still care about me though :(

So, for now, im gonna study really hard. No tears this time.
motivation never came any closer.
until now.

p.s. and sister, dont fret, a few more posts and spotdrops.wordpress will surface.
blogging is getting harder in this livejournal.

and John mayer is so talented, but sometimes he look like a bulldog.

OMG the killers

The killers are actually coming to Singapore! I cannot believe this, i cannot believe this, i cannot believe this.
I always tell my friends that i will only pay to watch The killers live.
Because they are awesome, live or not.

Tickets from $128 to $168 go on sale Nov 23 at Sistic outlets
Anyway wanna buy me an early 21st birthday present? hahaha.

Halloween Weekend

Im here to blog about possibly the best weekend i ever had. Never felt happier ever since mayo went back to indonesia  a long time ago haha. Happiness.. ah you've been missed. It all started out with mayo suggesting doing something fun on halloween. So were like.. club? night safari? Sentosa? No to all, too troublesome. So we settled for a peaceful steamboat at mayo's house.

shes the ricest among us. so only her house can be used. this is mayo.

Not the dog. the person in black. by the way, the dog is so cute!!! The dog, not mayo.

Collapse )

lets do it again soon! :)


  • My marketing project plus presentation
  • 3000 words soci of food essay
what needs to be over now, is the 5 final exams that will take place in a few weeks. Im so stressed :( it's pimples week or maybe weeks for me sob sob. Im not meeting anyone till my pimples disappear haha. Joking ah.

Theres so many things i havent update on! oh my goodness. There's Val's 21st party at reddot dempsey which happened... 4 weeks ago HAHA. There's Cherissa birthday celebration at Hogs breath, Cath's 21st party at The Somerset. A very fun swimming trip with the punanis. Jeremy's ORD parade at commando camp. AND our halloween party at Mayo's house!!
Oh and there's the phuket trip too which took place... 3 months ago? HAHA! Procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate...
Anyone interested in my life, just to my facebook haha. I probably wouldnt blog about all those events because im soo lazy, not because its not memorable! I had fun at every single event that i mentioned before :)

Life's definitely more busy now, im going to school early and returning home late. I miss my mummy :( But its ok, i just need this week to be over and we will all be free! I look forward to December when i can spend more time with Sheena, Mayo, rom and maybe fats (if u are not busy). OH and, QING GE, welcome to our family!! :) :) Qing Ge joined us for the halloween stayover. You know i always find it so blissful when someone's other half hang out with the lover's closest friends. That night, looking at how sweet Qing ge was to Sheena made my heart melt, and i feel such a sense of happiness, as though im sheena's next-of-kin, because i know Sheena finally found somebody worthy of her. And Qing ge can talk with us too! He lost to me in a prawn eating competition! haha! Looking at him making an effort to mingle with us, to blend in with us, made me certain I will never date anyone who refuses to hang out with my friends.

OK, im currently in school now waiting for Angela to finish her work so we can go shopping together!
Halloween party post next! i promise! And this might be my last few posts before i make the switch to wordpress to join Sheena and mayo.

Im out everybody!

those days

was looking through my webcam photos.
everything was taken in hall, when i still had a rooom. makes me reminisce about how nice people were, coming down to my room, visit me, bunk with me haha.

i had many good nights with cath. where she stroked my legs while sleeping. IM SERIOUS.

we were trying to be some ancient lovers.

dunno which retard is that. insignificant.

rom came over twice i think to bunk with me. and i remember on one night, it was gerah's birthday. everyone gathered around her room, which was just opposite my room. and i tried like mad to hide rom inside. nevertheless, i failed, and the whole block knew i was hiding a guy in my room the next minute.

one of the rare times when kaiyin was free and came to my room to play the guitar. i miss u kp queen :(

VAL!!! im so happy to be able to see you twice this week. hehehe. meet dinner soon!

haha i love this photo. clili look like some model. and that was a really good night, everyone in my room chilling :)
guess i do kinda miss hall. but it seems like everyone is so busy with their own stuffs now too.
year 1 will always be the best.

Nothing else matters

Weekends are my love now.
I want to complete as much as i can during weekdays so i can spend weekends with my darlings.

yesterday was really tiring. 9am to 9pm at NUS. but i had a sweet surprise, thank you.
The next few weeks is going to be hectic.
but with my alarm, coffee, everything, i believe i am going to be ok.

this weekend, we are going to dress up to eat steamboat -_-
we are going to play with sparklers and we are going to watch horror movies all night.
And the weekend will be perfect when i can watch the sunrise.


Friends to grow old with

Saturday morning, we went swimming, unfortunately without fats.
(FATS, reply me!!! Dont be so MIA now that you are a stewardess laaaa)

we call ourselves the rowdy kids now. Apparently, we seem rowdy to others hmm! But its ok, love how we are so truthful to each other. If i hate mayo for the day, i will just tell her straight. HAHA. And you should know the names we give each other's other half. Horrendous. So, we swam 2 laps (WTH HAHA) and played fireman and the coin searching game! Went to eat sushi after that as usual.

talked about blue balls, explicit content, bubbles and lovebites. Someone didnt know what a lovebite is and how you can give one. hahaha.

YUMMY! Mayo didnt eat much though cause rom kept saying she's a fat shit. And rom doesnt wanna be my friend anymore cause i lied about taking the "wrong bus". It seems like everyone has an awesome love life too, except for mayo. HAHA but mayo is looking forward to november because...

OK moving on, we are having a steamboat next sat plus stayover at mayo's haunted house to watch horror movies! everyone's other half is invited. but only sheena's BB can make it. So excited!